Cottage Witchery

There is a chill in the air, the leaves are starting change and I am loving it. The garden has seemed to calm and soon we will be tidying her up for her winters rest. I find that I too am slowing a bit, taking in the changing of the season. Slow days, enjoying cozy meals, candle light, cardigans, quilts and hand knitted socks keeping our toes nice and toasty.

Most days you can find me juggling homeschooling, cottage witchery and making pottery. A while back I moved my sewing studio upstairs and moved the pottery to the main floor. This way I was closer and more able to multi task daily chores and activities. That being said I had yet to take the time and get my sewing room in working order. I took the time this week while my next pottery collection was drying and then was in the kiln for their first round of firing to do just that.

I can definitely tell Autumn has arrived in our home, cobblers in cast iron, steaming mugs of magical goodness, lots of knitting, puttering and nesting….. making cozy spaces, working on holiday gifts. I have a few quilts to get on the long arm and several things I need to get off the needles. How about you? Are you working on any handmade gifts for the winter holiday? I am debating if I should cast on for a knitted stocking…. I would love to hear what you are making!

Hope you are enjoying a cozy start to Autumn if that is the season where you are.

love and magic to you my friends.

Peach Cobbler cast iron skillet
My home sewing studio
Tea time and knitting Mr. Bear
Wall hangings for Mushroom Root Pottery

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