A few of my favorite things. And by things I mean yarn of course.

I am really beginning to believe that I was either a magpie or chipmunk in another life. I have spaces in my home set up for creating and yet I find that I keep little stashes tucked away in various spots around the house. Not to mention a little coat rack of sorts to hang “on the go” project bags for when we leave the house. Because how could I leave and not have my knitting.

Right now my living room stash basket is filled with Woolberry, Desert Vista Dyeworks, Loft Twenty Two and Kate Selene

I tend to keep one skein projects tucked away around the house (who knows when the mood will strike to cast on another sock right?) I absolutely blame Kay over at https://crazysockladyco.com/ for this. If it weren’t for her I would absolutely still be dreading socks.

The projects that require more yarn gets tucked away in the studio. Behind a screen door. Yes I had my husband put a screen door on the sewing studio. I have found that our cats love yarn as much as I do.

Home studio. Yarn Stash.

And of course there is my basket full of current projects. I have my no frills sweater by Petite Knits being worked up in chamomile from The Plucky Knitter (this is my first “for me” sweater). Then there is the Calendula kids sweater by Agasalhos e Bugalhos for the boys and of course Mr Merry Bear (1 of 2)… with twins I usually knit two of everything.

Basket full of current works in progress

Happy knitting friends.

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