Blessed Lughnasadh

Today we celebrate Lughnasadh. We have been harvesting from the garden this past week. Prepping and storing away for the winter. I love this time of year, I am not a summer person however I enjoy gardening as well as the appreciation that I get from this season for the other three that I love so much.

The garden has taken over as it usually does this time of year. It is untamed and wild. We enjoy all the visitors while we harvest and plant for winter. This year we had sunflowers sprout from last year. I think they are mammoths as they are now well over 15 ft high. One laid down but stayed rooted and bloomed, which to me is another beautiful lesson from nature. We may get knocked around a bit, but no matter what keep blooming.

I mentioned that I was taking a little break from pottery. Well I finally took the plunge and bought an espinner. This past week in between batches of preserving garden treasures I spun my first fiber braid. What an experience! The Sweet School of Georgia and a very dear friend of mine, Sarah have been amazing. I spun a full braid, made a 2 ply yarn, washed it and it is now drying. She is full of character with her wobbles. I am very much looking forward to knitting her up.

I hope to do some more spinning as well as finishing up some other projects and clean the pottery. This month is always a busy one for us. With the garden chores and the regular goings on, it is also our boys’ birthday month. So a very busy and very special month for us.

Are you excited for Fall? What projects are you working on? Any plans for handmade gifts for the holidays?

Happy Monday Friends.

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