Pumpkin Cottage, Arm warmers and Miss Poppy.

This past week has been a hodge podge collection of things. I finally finished one of the fall ceramic collections I had been working on and got it in the kiln for it’s first firing. Now comes the part of sketching, painting the designs and glazing. For some reason I always seem to take a bit of break during this part. I think because I am so focused it takes a lot out of me. So when they are finally in the kiln it’s like I am taking a breath that I had been holding. If that makes sense.

Anyway during that time I dove into crocheting. I learned the basics long ago when I was a kid but never grasped any real concept. I have been knitting for some years now and feel comfortable in that space. Still much to learn though! And well I saw a piece… I don’t even remember what it was now. So I started reading and I was understanding it very differently than I remembered. I got a hook and tried and failed many times over. I think this glove was started and ripped out 7 times. Although the first two patterns were horribly written (no this time it was not just me and my misunderstanding) third pattern was the trick, beautifully written and I was able to challenge myself because whoa the technical aspect for me was a whole new world but I got there in the end and I am so excited.

This was my first attempt before I changed patterns. This one was not well written at all but also the scale portion went too far up the hand making it impossible to do anything while wearing them. I prefer to be able to use my fingers when I have on fingerless gloves.

The below image is the pattern that is beautifully written. It is by Seda Demir Ortolina of Happy Seal Design which you can find on Ravelry.

I used an acrylic yarn that I had on hand because I knew this was just a tester. I try to keep acrylics for other projects… I am not a fan of acrylic yarn for garmet items. There I prefer wool. To each their own.. just my preference. Anway so I got this glove done. I am very pleased and will be working my next one in a cashmere merino blend.

I also did a bit of baking, usually make a few loafs of bread a week. Made some elderberry jam and got some pumpkins from the garden processed and in the freezer. Along with homeschooling and other adventures around the house it has been a busy week.

Hope you are well my friends.

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