Knit Mitts and Clay

First finish of 2021 and I am thrilled. So I went ahead and knit the right hand mitt again going up one needle size and use the magic loop method instead of DPNs as I mentioned in my previous post. And it worked like a charm. Maybe one day I will have more confidence (and patience) working with DPNs but for now I will keep avoiding them… it works for now.

The one on the right was my first one on DPNs and as you can see my tension was a big snug. Now the one on the left is the new with the bigger needle size. It is a bit bigger obviously. But also I didn’t soak and block the first one. I like a looser fit…

I also like the length of the cuff to go a bit further down. That way when I am moving around and my coat moves it doesn’t get drafty down my sleeve.

I am so pleased with out this second one turned out. It was a bit nerve wracking … I am taking a break before I dive into the left hand mitt. Going to work on some beanies for the boys. I am also getting back into the pottery studio.. If only I could knit faster hahah

Other than knitting I have been working on planning some new things for my little shop. I am going to be adding some fabric items and changing my fairy houses from polymer clay to stoneware. A bit of a learning curve and lot of trial and error but I think it will get there…

A little tester Mushroom house. Once she dries I can get her in a bisque kiln and see how she does. Then glazing and into a glaze kiln to see if she can make it through without exploding.. fingers crossed.

Happy Friday Friends.